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Nov 27 | GNU Consulting
Benefits of investing in technology for small businesses
Technological advances enable small businesses to work more efficiently in a number of different ways.
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Oct 29 | GNU Consulting
What’s New in Microsoft Teams and What’s Coming in 2021?
The features within Teams are always improving, discover some of the most recent updates
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Oct 29 | GNU Consulting
Microsoft Teams: A Beginner’s Guide to Teams in Office 365
Before getting started it’s important to understand how Teams fits into the larger picture, we have created a short video to help you understand the basics and help you get started on your journey to creating a more connected and inclusive virtual workplace.
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Oct 8 | GNU Consulting
Reasons why it is time to break up with Excel
Cloud computing is becoming a part of more and more organisations every day, it allows you to access documents and files remotely instead of having to always be at in the office to work. Rather than a ‘nice to have’, cloud computing is becoming vital to business operations.
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Oct 2 | GNU Consulting
7 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To Microsoft Office 365
Has your organisation been considering an upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 from on-premises Office/Exchange? Perhaps you’re holding back because the word, “upgrade” is enough to scare anyone away. Most companies don’t commit to an upgrade until they are forced to. But in the case of Office 365, the benefits you’ll get from making a move that is delightfully easy are without a doubt worth the commitment. Here are just a few very good reasons to upgrade to Office 365: ​
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Sep 28 | GNU Consulting
£20 Million Government Funded Tech Grant for SMEs
Did you know there’s a new Government-funded tech grant for SMEs in England which can help you to future-proof your business?
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