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How Is Cloud Computing Beneficial To your Organisation?

Cloud computing is becoming a part of more and more organisations every day, it allows you to access documents and files remotely instead of having to always be at the office to work. Rather than a nice to have, cloud computing is becoming vital to business operations.

If organisations want to improve, and even maintain, their competitive advantage then they need to start the process in moving over to cloud computing to extend their capabilities.

Here are five reasons why adopting cloud computing can give you a competitive advantage:

Quickly launch new applications and services

Cloud computing is ideal for growing businesses as it reduces the time needed by organisations to go from an idea to a service or app. It facilitates collaboration and innovation, allows you to analyse huge amounts of data effectively and you have the ability to easily and cost-effectively upscale cloud computing so that your organisation can quickly build and launch new applications or services.

Free up your IT staff

When it comes to cloud computing, we take care of all the maintenance of the hardware and updates and security patches to the software. Testing, patching and upgrading hardware and software can take up days of your IT staff’s time every month. But when your systems are in the cloud you don’t need to worry about maintaining the systems and fixing bugs, enabling you to free up your IT staff to concentrate to strategic projects that deliver additional value to the business and its bottom line.

Gather product and data insights

With information held in the cloud, you can focus your efforts on the business and use the data gathered to work out what products and services your customers want and how you can provide a better customer experience.

In addition to product and data insights, cloud computing will also give you a total business view. Running your software in the cloud means that your business can be fully integrated and senior managers can keep their fingers on the pulse of the entire organisation.

Improved flexibility

Cloud platforms provide businesses with an unmatched level of flexibility that enables your employees to access systems and data from almost anywhere. This means that employees can work more flexibly to suit their lifestyles and find a better work-life balance, for example by working from home or outside of normal working hours. The ability to instantly share documents through the cloud increases collaboration between employees and organisations and their clients, and in addition, allowing the employee to use their mobile devices through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies can provide extra cost-saving benefits to the business.

As we can see cloud computing is very beneficial to any organisation no matter the size, at GNU Consulting, we are experts when it comes to cloud computing and offers a range of services to develop your IT infrastructure. We’re eager to help put your company on the right track, find out more about our services here.

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